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Canine Behavior Services offers a variety of training and behavior programs to help you get more enjoyment out of life with your dog.

Rally Obedience - Group Classes and Private Instruction - prepare your dog for competing in AKC Rally competition!

Private Obedience Instruction - a flexible, personalized and timesaving alternative to group classes.

Behavior Consultations - designed to help you resolve ongoing problem behavior issues in a safe, positive, and non-violent manner.

Smart Start is a "get-started-right" lesson for the owner of a new puppy, and a great way to start off life with your new best friend.

Fresh Start lesson will help you step off on the right foot with your newly adopted an adult dog.

Housetraining help is available for puppies and adult dogs that need to learn clean house habits.


Appointments available in southwest Oregon, in and around the Roseburg, Oregon area.



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Group Classes: Puppy & Adult Obedience and Specialty Classes

Now offering ongoing, drop-in Rally obedience classes for those interested in preparing their dogs for AKC Rally competition. All levels accomodated. Contact me for our current schedule of classes, run-throughs,and practice sessions.




In-Home Canine Behavior Consulting

Even the best dogs can develop problem behavior, and even experienced dog owners can find themselves with a problem dog. Regardless of your dog's problem, help is available. Canine Behavior Services helps owners with a wide range of canine behavior issues, including but not limited to:

  • Out of control when excited by new places, people, or animals
  • Over-protectiveness
  • Jealousy and fighting between dogs
  • Running away, won't come when called
  • Destructiveness when left alone
  • Territorial behavior (won't let visitors come onto your property without being locked away, biting or threatening visitors, etc)
  • Biting, growling, and possessive behavior when you get near your dog's favorite things, whether toys, bones, food, sleeping areas, or even certain family members
  • Biting, growling, or threatening you or others when asked to move, stop, or obey
  • Severe shyness or fears that interfere with the necessities and enjoyment of day to day life with your dog

What can you expect in an in-home behavior consultation? I will evaluate the situation, interview family members, observe the dog, and discuss with you the extent and probable causes of the problem. You will receive some preparatory "homework" at the end of the visit, then I will provide you with a step-by-step written program to help you to safely begin modifying your dog's behavior, and get the relationship with your dog back on track. My goal is to work with you to safely modify your dog's behavior in a manner that is simple for you to follow, positive and non-confrontational for the dog, and confidence-building and relationship-strengthening for all involved. You will receive unlimited email and telephone support during and after training lessons.

The number of lessons required will depend on your particular situation...contact me to discuss the best options for you.


Pricing: Prices vary. Please contact me to discuss options.

Private Lessons

Canine Behavior Services offers a variety of options for private, one-on-one training lessons, whether you have a puppy or newly adopted adult dog you want to start off right, a budding competition prospect, or a treasured family pet whose manners could "use some help". My private lessons are flexible, designed to be the most helpful and effective for you and your dog, not the "average dog and owner". That includes the behaviors learned, the instruction techniques, and the pace of learning. In addition to flexibility and convenience, private lessons are also an excellent option for dogs who may be over-stimulated or intimidated by the commotion of group classes, as well as for busy owners who have trouble fitting a traditional group class into their schedules.

Lessons are typically scheduled once a week, although this is adaptable to your own scheduling needs. They are conducted either at your choice of location - typically your home or a public area (park, etc). Limited private instruction appointments are available; please contact me to reserve your spot!


Private Instruction is available in the following areas:

  • Basic obedience, manners, and behavior improvement for puppies and adult dogs
  • Canine Good Citizen prep
  • Animal Assisted Therapy prep
  • AKC Obedience & Rally
  • Scentwork
  • Tricks training
  • NEW! Brainwork Program (ask for details)



Lessons are custom designed for your particular needs. Pricing varies according to lesson location, and whether you individual lessons, multiple lessons or discounted puppy and adult training & behavior packages. Please call or contact me to discuss options.



Smart Start New Puppy Lesson

A new puppy! I can't think of many things in life that can offer such a thrill of possibility or sense of potential. With that in mind, Canine Behavior Services offers a special service for the new puppy owner. Smart Start for puppies is an in-depth tutorial that details breed traits, what to expect from your pup's upcoming physical and mental developmental stages (and how to deal with them), house training, essential obedience and manners for the family dog, nutrition guidelines, as well as a puppy "personality profile" and help understanding how best to work with your pup's temperament. This lesson is a fantastic way to be sure your puppy will "be all that he can be"!

The Smart Start lesson typically takes approximately 2 hours. However, I ask that you leave a little more time open, since I like to leave plenty of time to answer your questions.

Because I feel that Smart Start for puppies is so important to the success of a puppy in its new home, I offer this for a special discounted price.

In-home Smart Start for puppies: $75.

Please note that an additional travel fee applies to appointments further than 15 minutes from Roseburg, OR. All prices are subject to change.



Fresh Start New Dog Lesson

Fresh Start is similar to Smart Start for Puppies, but is specifically designed for newly adopted adult dogs. We will discuss your dog's breed traits, what to expect during and after the transition ("honeymoon") period following adoption, upcoming physical and mental developmental stages (and how best to deal with them), house training, confinement, and nutrition guidelines. We will do an introductory obedience lesson, and discuss establishing leadership and expectations.

The Fresh Start lesson will take about 2 hours, although you should leave a little extra time open, to be sure I have time to answer all your questions.

In-home Fresh Start for adult dogs is offered at the special discounted price of $75.
Please note that an additional travel fee applies to appointments further than 15 minutes from Roseburg, OR. All prices are subject to change.




Our Housetraining tutorial includes a thorough evaluation of the problem, consultation and detailed training plan, along with unlimited telephone support. Perfect if you have a new puppy or adult dog, or if you have outdoor dog that you'd like to bring indoors. Allow 2 hours for a Housetraining tutorial.

In-home Housetraining tutorial is offered at the special discounted price of $75.
Please note that an additional travel fee applies to appointments further than 15 minutes from Roseburg, OR. All prices are subject to change.




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Canine Behavior Services of Southwest Oregon offers flower essence formulas and consultations by phone, as well as in-home positive motivational dog training, private lessons, obedience classes, puppy classes, behavior counseling, and new puppy and dog lessons for the southwest Oregon area including Roseburg, Sutherlin, Oakland, Drain, Green, Winston, Canyonville, Myrtle Creek, and Riddle, OR areas. Certified member, International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants; Professional member, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Practitioner Member, Flower Essence Society.